It’s time to restore public safety in Los Angeles

It’s time to draft John McKinney for DA

About John McKinney

John McKinney is a natural leader, experienced prosecutor, and the overwhelming favorite among Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys to replace George Gascón as DA.

McKinney has over 24 years of experience in the LA DA’s office and has prosecuted some of the most difficult cases in the county as a member of the Major Crimes Division. A champion of what he has dubbed “proportional justice,” McKinney represents a return to balanced leadership that ensures public safety while also bringing compassion to the criminal justice system. John has emerged as a central public figure opposing Gascón’s policies. Given his experience, compelling and engaging communication skills, backing from line prosecutors, and being reflective of the diverse communities of Los Angeles County, John McKinney is the best positioned potential candidate to run against Gascón in 2024 and win. The Cal Justice Committee is actively working on a Draft McKinney campaign and looks forward to independently supporting his candidacy for District Attorney.


About the Cal Justice Committee

The Cal Justice Committee was formed in 2022 to promote new leadership in California, and particularly Los Angeles County, that is once again committed to upholding the rule of law and the principle of equal justice for all. Reckless politically-motivated prosecutors like George Gascón have done tremendous damage to California’s justice system. The Cal Justice Committee is formed primarily with the intention of supporting the best, most qualified, justice-minded candidate who emerges as a challenger to Gascón in the next election for Los Angeles County District Attorney. Foundational to our beliefs, is that a strong and solid candidate is needed to capitalize on voter frustration and shift the direction of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office will fade. We are building the infrastructure and resources needed to advance the next generation of public safety leadership in Los Angeles.


About the Cal Justice Committee Chairman

Jason Lustig has spent over 30 years with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Lustig has held a variety of posts in the DA’s office, including as Special Assistant to the number two and three managers in the District Attorney’s chain-of-command, responsibility for the Legislative Program, DNA collection procedures, revising the Legal Policies Manual, the Brady policy project and security for the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Lustig has been a point person on officer involved shootings and police misconduct as a member of the Justice System Integrity Division (JSID). In 2013, Lustig was appointed by former DA Jackie Lacey to be the first head of the then newly created Discovery Compliance Unit, authoring a policy which brought the DA’s office in line with its Constitutional disclosure responsibilities. More recently, Lustig was assigned as the Assistant Head Deputy of the Long Beach Branch Office where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of one of the busiest courthouses in the county. Along with a head deputy, he supervises over 30 attorneys. Lustig has been an active voice opposing District Attorney George Gascón's policies, including appearing in the media and bringing key coalition members together.